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Lucija Ćirović

My name is Lucija Ćirović and I am a standup comedian, drama pedagogue, puppeteer and the only ventriloquist in Slovenia. I like my life to be diverse and colorful which is why I like to do so many things. Slovenian audiences first got to know me in the TV show TV Dober dan (Good Day TV) where I played the character of Fata the cleaning lady.

More than fifteen years ago, I co-founded the children’s Theatre out of the Right Pocket where I still perform, animate puppets and lend my voice to them. My hands bring to life various characters off-stage as well, most notably Kakadudu the bird and Foksner the fox for the Slovenian children’s TV show Ribič Pepe (Fisherman Pepe).

My show S trebuhom za kruhom (Belly-Talking For a Better Life a.k.a. Earn a Living by Ventriloquism) and my standup routines which I spice up with ventriloquist bits feature a rooster puppet called Coco Ch.Adel. We perform in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and English and can be spotted all around Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. In 2019, we also visited and performed at the ventriloquist conference Vent Haven ConVention in Cincinnati, USA. My name has also been dropped in Forbes in Nancy Berk’s article The High Profile of Ventriloquism and the Forces Behind Puppet Fever on great contemporary ventriloquists.

Lucija Ćirović


I wound up in standup comedy after many twists and turns. In 2003, I first started performing as various characters, inspired by the character Fata. By 2007, I transitioned completely into full-on personal, observational comedy of my own. I have performed at all bigger standup events in Slovenia as well as a number of such events abroad (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia). As the only Slovenian ventriloquist, I have since 2016 started including ventriloquist bits with the puppet of Coco Ch.Adel the rooster in my performances for adults. I perform in Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and English.

Lucija Ćirović


Ventriloquism is a very old craft, known since the ancient times. It has been called many names, but it is the term ‘ventriloquism’ that has stuck although it invites the wrong image—it is a Latin coinage of venter ‘stomach’ and loqui ‘talking’ and therefore means ‘talking out of your stomach’ which is what ventriloquism was thought to be in the past.
Ventriloquism is a style of theatre where the actor speaks without moving their lips. This creates an illusion that the voice is coming out of another person or object. I learnt this skill on my own, studying from books and the Internet with heaps of practice and perseverance. My first puppet for my ventriloquist acts is the rooster called Coco Ch.Adel, a very special guy who likes to see me embarrassed!
In July 2019, I was the first Slovenian ever to participate at the international conference on ventriloquism in Cincinnati, USA. There, Coco and I introduced ourselves to the American audience for the first time. We made a good impression with our bit, and my name also appeared in an article on great ventriloquists of our times in Forbes. Coco and I perform in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and English.



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